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Grier Holliday:

Founder of Love the Water™ / OWLS™ Program

Greir Holliday

Grier has been involved with both WaterPure™ Corporation and Save the Water™ since 1998 when STW™ was but a mere concept. He now dedicates his expertise and time to his personal mission of Love the Water™ and his new OWLS ™  Outdoor Water Laboratory School program which is a new water awareness, education resource and communications organization created to enlighten and educate the global population in one very important subject matter:

“We must love the water”.

OWLS Water LabHe  dedicates his expertise and time to the mission of helping others, including future generations to learn about the water crisis. He is compassionate, courageous and quick to make conversation with anyone who shares this belief: “Our water must be saved”.

Grier Holliday graduated from Eckerd College in International business and Spanish concentration. Real estate and business broker in State of Florida, Grier is a teacher and student, always learning and sharing valuable information. Traveler, adventurer, and nature lover. He loves to snow ski, hike, play a game of tennis or round of golf and takes time away from business to walk the beach and nature parks with his Schipperke dogs. Other sites are www.petfriendlysites.com & www.hollidayandassociates.com.  He is constantly building new projects to help in any way he can.

Who is Grier Holliday?

Friend to many
Grier’s motto is:
“Life is a Mission”
We were sent on to enjoy and help others enjoy and make this world better while we are here,
Love the Water™
can accomplish this”.



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